Mitco EMDG 2015 Review submission

Review of the EMDG Scheme Report 2015



Mitchell & Co does more than just charge a fee for work performed.

We act to represent the wishes of our clients in the Export Community as best we can and at all times, we’ll even go to a Church fete if we feel we can help promote the interests of all exporters, not just our clients.

Exporting is a tough business especially in today’s economic environment. Exporting creates jobs and not just in the mining sector. The Federal Government knows this but today there is a lack of support not just caused by the GFC, fiscal responsibility and high exchange rate.

Demand from overseas markets is poor at the moment but Exporters need to stay in those markets and continue to find new ones. It takes time and money and our focus is to make sure our clients are getting the best return for their investments in the international market place via EMDG. This is our value proposition to our clients.

The EMDG scheme is reviewed every five years. A report is prepared and a decision made by the Government of the day whether to continue the scheme in its current format or not.

The last review was in 2015 which resulted in the scheme's continuation at the current funding level of $137M.

The EMDG program can only be changed by Act of Parliament. Currently both sides of the house and the independents support it.

Mitchell & Co often makes submissions to both Federal and State governments about the management of the scheme, what is right and what is wrong with the scheme, how it can be improved to benefit and not penalise exporters. We write, call and visit Canberra as required. We also nag our clients for support letters as well. They do work we can assure you.

Mitchell & Co was part of team that was able to secure an additional $50M of funding for the program in 2010. It was money well spent as part of the Government’s response to the first wave of the GFC.

In 2010 Minister Simon Crean as Trade Minister visited us and held an industry briefing for our clients and was very well accepted by all.

In 2011 Minister Craig Emerson the current Trade Minister repeated the visit to our office and later undertook a presentation to a number of our clients together with Mr Steve Georganas the Federal Member for Hindmarsh. A selection of photos can be found in our photo gallery (right).

Mitchell & Co is part of the SA export community as well. Stuart has been the past Chairman of the SA branch of the Institute of Export, the Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce and on numerous other Export committees as well as being judge and or sponsor for numerous Export Award programs.

Stuart has been a past member of the Australian Institute of Export (National Board) for a five-year term. This body is now called the Export Council of Australia (ECA) and Mitchell & Co is an active member and supporter.

Stuart is currently Deputy Chairman of the Export Consultants Association Incorporated (ECAI) which acts as sub-group of the ECA and is also on the judging panel for one of the categories of the National Export Awards, celebrating its 50th year.

The Mitchell & Co newsletter is another great service to our clients.

  • May 2009 – a visit from Trade Minister The Hon Simon Crean & Steve Georganas Member for Hindmarsh.
  • May 2009 – “Stuart, call me Simon”
  • The Team – Stuart, Sue, Robyn, Peter & Wayne
  • My best smile
  • Exporter’s Forum October 2011 - we bring exporters together to discuss their business issues with the Federal Gov’t
  • October 2011 - a visit from Trade Minister The Hon Dr Craig Emerson & Steve Georganas Member for Hindmarsh
  • Exporter’s Forum October 2011 – Minister The Hon Dr Craig Emerson & Steve Georganas Member for Hindmarsh with Stuart & Wayne