who can apply for an Export market development grant?

EMDG Performance Measure Fact Sheet


The business model can be a company, trust, partnership, sole trader, non-profit, but you must be the principal in the export transition (last man standing) and genuinely carrying on business in Australia. Annual turnover must be less than $50M in a year.

Business eligibility can be confirmed by reference to Austrade website www.austrade.gov.au/grants 

Mitchell & Co can also assist in applications for Special Approvals under the program for Joint Ventures (exporters acting together for a common goal) and Industry bodies (that do not sell a product) who promote for their industry as a whole. 

The business must be promoting and trying to sell a product, service, IP and know - how

All industries are covered by the program, well not 100% true, most are with some minor exceptions.

If you are promoting a product, it can be manufactured overseas (to a degree) but eligibility criteria requires you to be able to demonstrate that there is significant net benefit to Australia for your application and the grant to be approved.

Under the current rules of the EMDG Scheme there are 8 grants available to your business. Export success in the first two years is not required to receive the grant.
After the first two grants are received there is an export performance test for further applications to determine your continued eligibility. Your Mitchell & Co consultant will explain further in person; we need to wave our arms around a bit to make it clear. 

You can receive a grant if the business has made a loss, but the business cannot be insolvent (broke) and expect a grant to be paid.

The grant payable depends on how much you spend on eligible activities and the ability to support this expenditure. The maximum grant payable is $150K. It is taxable but GST free.

If your business activity has received EMDG support before (i.e. many years ago and/or with previous owners) Austrade will have records and this may prevent a grant being payable to you. Historical records count when looking at EMDG, not just what you plan to do in the future.