why your grant application could be unsuccessful

An EMDG application is one that you have to fully support what your business activity is about, the export activities you have undertaken, the expenditure you have incurred and what is eligible for reimbursement.

The EMDG scheme is now really a self-assessment one, but is subject to detailed review and questioning of you, Mitchell & Co (as your consultant), your agents overseas and even suppliers in Australia (in some instances). 

Austrade need to be satisfied that you are eligible for the grant. Before they approve the application, you have to pass a number of assessment tests and answer/ support questions about the export activities you are seeking reimbursement. 

Mitchell & Co ask these questions of you in the first instance so that we collectively  support them as required when requested by Austrade. 

EMDG minimum expenditure requirement is $15,000 annually on export marketing activities, should the expenditure be lower than this figure you will not qualify for the grant. Note: First time applicant can collate two consecutive financial years to meet the $15,000 requirement for the 1st application only.

If your business is not the exporter or intended one i.e. being a commission agent, you will not qualify for the grant.

If you do not have the support documents to substantiate the claimed expenditure or a fully robust method to apportion costs between international versus domestic activity, the expenditure will be rejected from the application.

Where there are no export earnings from international sales after the first two year’s grace period, there is an opportunity to still apply for the grant. This is an “Option B” declaration and further detailed business plans and other information will be required. It is a difficult road to take; Mitchell & Co are prepared to work with you for this type of application.

Should you be promoting some illegal or ineligible services (we know what, but will not name them here) you will not qualify for the grant.

If you are unable to prove that you are the owner of the IP and know-how at the time you incurred the expenses (well why would you do that?) or the IP & know-how was not developed in Australia, you will not qualify.

Austrade may come to the conclusion that you may not be carrying on business in Australia, irrespective that you have an ABN & suppliers, customers and the ATO may think otherwise.

You may not qualify if carrying on part of a business or one that is in any way similar (as assessed by Austrade – it is all in the eye of the beholder) to one that has already been paid a grant historically (as far back as 1976).

You may not qualify if you are considered not a fit and proper person (as assessed by Austrade). 

Mitchell & Co will be able to assess your business and determine your eligibility for the grant.

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