r & d assistance

Exporters and other businesses can also access help from the Federal Government via access to the Commercialisation Australian Program and accelerated write-off provisions for Research and Development.

Mitchell & Co can assist.

We liaise and work with two highly successful consulting firms in this field. We believe together we have South Australia and other areas covered.

Mitchell & Co advise on the rules and fine print detail, set up the reporting systems and make it happen for you.

We also provide hands on, relevant user friendly systems for the reporting of such costs that means that any time you are asked to prove something under the self-assessment regime to the ATO and AusIndusty, it exists and is real.

Mitchell & Co do not lodge your tax return. We collaborate with your existing external accountants, making their job easier and quicker to perform, not replace them. 

Our fee is a mixture of set fee and percentage of the funding/benefit received.

Our fee is lower than all the larger accounting practices offering similar services.

For Commercialisation Australia Grants we collaborate with you to prepare the application. We can write as well as number crunch. Our experience in fact is more than just counting.